Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Was Yearning For God.

This would be my last post in 2009 before I shut down my macbook. It seem like life goes so fast just like blinking your eyes. isn't it? I did always tell myself, time is precious, time won't wait for you! it's depends how you spend your precious time. So, don't waste time for unnecessary stuffs. Do something meaningful with your life. I hope a brand new year would bring more and more laughter to me, and everything goes smooth as well. I'm pretty sure no backward this word in my dictionary cause I'll just look forward. Thanks my friends who always be there for me and support me when I facing tone of problem. A sincere thanks for ya'll. The problem that I having now aren't the worst but I believe time will prove everything. I was yearning for god, Just like I put how many effort on it, god will know. It will never disappointed me. So I'm here wishing all of you happy new year cause I know I can't wish you on time. Lets countdown for 2010 :)


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You Will Never Know The Truth.

How long I didn't step into club? Quite long time I guess! Weirdly, I was lying on bed sms-ed with him the entire night and I thought I will be staying at home. But very last minute decision I made my way to Phuture. I am not in party mood actually but still I went there for fun. I don't feel like staying at home thinking those unnecessary stuffs! I just want you to know " I am still here "....


Leo, Winnie , LengLeng.


Miao Miao hacking Daniel's Lim Facebook. Haha!

Jeff, Leo , Daniel , LengLeng.

Gotta off to bed now, Goodnight peeps!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When He Turn Into Eighteen.

I was sitting here blogging after four days of holiday. Hows your christmas peeps? My christmas eve was simple, the gangs don't feel like clubbing so they planned headed up to the hill instead. Before that, I went pavilion with chuckei cause she wanted to get nike wind runner jacket for miao. You know what, SALES EVERYWHERE!! We went to topshop, I've spot some nice dress and tops but too bad those size are too big for me. I want size 6! *sigh* ( Get a tops with 50% + member card 10% ) so so so cheap okayyy!

Just a simple celebration at Valerie's Studio Apartment. Thanks mummy for the curry chicken, tomyam mee hun and fried chicken. All taste good but curry chicken just too spicy for us. hahaha! Nothing much to talking about. Last but not least, Happy 18th Birthday Daniel Lim.

Babe Jacklyn.

Birthday Boy.


Tom, Huan, LengLeng, Nick, Chuckei.

L a d i e s

Birthday boy play low profile, at behind!


Get a fingercroxx tee for him, hope you like it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bell's 18th Birthday Party.

Last tuesday, Heading to Gita Bayu Clubhouse for Bell's 18th Birthday Party. We went late due to the traffic jam. Plus, it is raining season. So traffic mam everywhere! From cheras to KL then KL to serdang. pfft! Anyway, Happy 18th Birthday Sweetie =)

The girls decided bought her ANNASUI'S ROCK ME PERFUME!
Hope you like it babes! You know what, It's my fav brand. hahaha!

Had our GG session 5 with my girls, We've been through a lot of thing which makes us grew up. no pain no gain right! Babes, we're BIG FISHES now! we've to protect ourselves and stave off all those fox! *evil grin* Alright, enough of crapping! picture time :)

Darling Bunny,

Birthday Girl,

Helenness, Miao , LengLeng, Bunny, Vincent.

Bunny, Bell , Chuckei, LengLeng.

Louis, Joshua, Daniel, Miao, Vincent with Birthday Girl.

Oh gosh, I look so short in this pic. *sob*

Ladies of the night,
See, they BBM everywhere!
I don't care! I'm getting my BB and of this month. woots woots!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Dinner.

Got invited to Emily's Brother wedding dinner at saturday night. Therefore, I went pavilion with winnie cause I wanted to get my dinner dress. But ended up I only get a pair of shoe. I wonder why? hahaha! Well, Had my brunch with Jeff, Ernest, Weng and Tau kei, Then continue our shopping session, I wish to shop longer but time not allow to. So I went home around 7pm, rushing like mad cause they're waiting for me. *Soweee*!

I recall that night something happened on me, thats a nightmare okayy! I ignore him the entire night until I back from Neway @ Puchong. I Hate You JCKW!

Red colour flower dress look like a bit chinese new year feel right :)
Emily and Me.


Daniel lim.

Yam sheng~!

Lastly, Happy midwinter to all my friends,
enjoy your reunion dinner with your family tonight :)

Upcoming post,
Bell's 18th birthday party,
Daniel's 18th birthday celebration.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bittersweet Tears.


So sorry i can't make it for your birthday dinner, But i managed to met you up @ Library for drinks session right. hehe! Didn't take much picture due to some personal problem! Well, forget about it!

A Little bit about myself,

I'm not in good mood in these pass few days, I tried to forgive and forget, I did! Giving you all my support as I always do. But the same time, I'm so sick of your character. How many chance I've given? How many support do you need? I recall that day he hugging me and asked " Baby, do you remember? I am the one who always put a smiles on your face. boo~ I was like " NO! stop telling me all these" When I flash back those old memories, the bittersweet tears rolled down my cheeks :( Hopefully everything will be solve and goes smooth with my plan. Stay tune for my upcoming post! Have a nice day peeps.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What an outdated post people. I used to sign in my blog everyday but it was almost one week I didn't sign in my blog. Don't feel like blogging anyway! haha! This post gonna be a quick post before I start my work. Saturday night headed to rootz since my boyfriend went genting with other gangs! So why not? I enjoyed the entire night but still, the club packed like sardine! I can't even move!

Not much picture taken,haha!

I starting to miss all my girlfriend, I miss the time we spend together, hang out together and party every weekend! I miss all of you :( Can you hear me?

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Another celebration on saturday night, very last minute planned celebrated their birthday at Sri Cempaka Hotel. Reach there around 9pm inch. Firstly, fill my stomach with food. (Drumstick and slice of pizza.) I wonder why I feel hungry all the time. Tell you, I had at least four meal a day. Crazy! That's why I gain my weight so fast. Trying so hard to skipped my meal. But failed! SANFU! Stop asking me for Supper please :S

The entire night playing around with ten ten, and i realized I'm not afraid of dog anymore, how good! :)



Both of the december baby :)

Again, little ten ten =)

babe maddy, she is in relationship now.
feel happy for you. hehe!

Babe sally and taizi.

Lai and winnie.


Lastly, Happy Birthday To Yourself. HAHAHA!