Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy OX Year...

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone,
Wish My Friends Have A Blast In The Year Of OX..

Gong Xi Fat Chai =P

Upcoming post,
Stay Tune Peeps!

I miss u..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I never feel satisfied on shopping.

First time felt satisfy on shopping. *ahem* or should I say I never feel satisfied on shopping since it was my first time.hahaha! Like finally, Get myself some nice outfit ;) So, Planning went out with my babe girl after I knocked off. Finished work quickly went home prepaped everything then headed to sg wang although I am extremely tired. ( Oh Yeah, Babe I grab things pretty fast hor? ) Don't blame me. Rush of time mah :) Oh well, Nothing to talk bout my day out so...

babe valerie.

Liza, me , Jacklyn.

Actually still got another post I wanted update but then due my laziness so I'll continue when I free. Teehee*
Hey Yeah, My leopard UV gel manicure finally done ;) Love it...
Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year 2009 Everyone.



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please Use Your Common Sense..


I wanna shouts out loud,
I am so damn ecxited lah.

Because Because Because...

My salary and bonus will get it soon plus we have lucky draw on friday. Wish me luck kay =P Alright, This week doesn't have any job and my job is just sitting in front the computer online online and online. Good Hor? Oh well, Someone promise me A candle light dinner on friday ;) I cannot wait for it already. Now, Seems like everything go smooth as I expect. This coming wednesday means tomorrow will be going out meet up my babe girl for shopping spree and my dude ask for movie woh. Next day thursday going out with my darling girl for manicure so now I am still thinking what design I have to choose. Actually I still love leopard but last year I tried before so this time better try others right? It's been few month no meet up my darling already. I miss them so so so much. Something really so touching, Although my birthday still got one month to go but their planning earlier how to celebrate my birthday. I appreciate it darling. Heart you all. mwahh~

Just now gossip with one of my babe,
I realized what so called "miss roti"....

Stop here,


Pls use your common sense, or maybe you dunno what it means ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Move It...

Saturday going out with my boyfriend as usual. Babe val,Qin en and bb's friends tagged along. First stop was in mont kiara plaza but after awhile we off to midvalley did some shop. Then, taken dinner at there but I've forgotten the restaurant name. Well, we still get free gift @ 988 dvd. LOL! It's free. Then, we just rushing back home prepared for next round @ poppy garden.

Passion last night was bored man. We reached poppy pretty late so we've no table on that night. Whole night stuck at passion with my girl and my boy. I prefer R&B seriously ;) Next time make sure got table la dude.. ;)
Nevermind then, we still enjoyed our cam-whored session =)

myself, Qin en, Valerie.

with val and joey ;)



kit zai.




val val.

Tom & val.

sei miaomiao kiss my boy...

camwhored again......

meet a friendly girl evangeline at passion.

my girl..

Love them..

miao miao k.o-ed already..

see babe liza k.o-ed as well..

Alright, Just post up some picture. Damn lazy to post up all. hahahaha!

Till then,


Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday night supposed going out with jacklyn since both of us craving for our favorite spaghetti, But ended up I was staying at home watched drama because of my laziness ;) So, I suggested tonight going out meet them up plus having dinner with them. How good? :) HAHAHA!

Ohhh Well, I cannot wait for february already.

Continue my post,

I just came back from times square with my babe girl ;) And finally ate my pasta.. yum yum!

After dinner went rum chill since we've nothing to do. Plus, These shop almost closed after our dinner so we just lepak at rum..

That's all for now,
Goodnight peeps!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please Get A Life!

This fella until now still using my picture! wtf man -.-
Please get a life faker...


Oh Ya, Just blog liltle bit here since I am free now so.....
Time gone fast seriously. Sometime when I think back, Actually what I have done in these last few year. But yet, That's just remind me again and again. It's nothing ;) However, Thank my dearest mom bring me into this world and now finally I got my own ability to do what I want to do. But eventually, I still need you mom. How lame am I? Alright, Chinese new year left 2 week to go. I still haven't get some stuff that I wanted. But I don't care, I want to get it all in this coming saturday. And also, Gotta ready a new wardrobe put all my nice clothes. HAHA! Hope everything go smooth as I expect. Well, I dyed my hair on last sunday. Thanks my hairstylist-vincent.LOL!
New pic soon =)

You promise me ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Word, Syoks!

Hello peeps! miss me? HAHAHA!
Once I came back here since I got time now,
Sorry for my lack update, Tons of picture gotta upload.
Gossip,Yamcha,Clubbing and Etc. Be patiently my friends =P

These few day going out with my babe and boyfriend. Nothing special but I get myself a lot of nice stuff. On friday, Went out with my babe jacklyn,Liza and vivi. Taken dinner with them at oldtown. You knew I miss you so much right? LOL! My boyfriend finish work straight away picked me up. Then, Headed back home for changed. They suggested went the mines @ gasoline for drinks. Well, Luckily there wasn't that lala as I expect. At least there had a nice view=/

Next day, Going out with my boyfriend and his friends tagged along as well. Walked over to pavilion grab something and get some new clothes for chinese new year. Yes, I readily get myself one sets of skin care on that day that I wanted. Alright, took our brunch at madam kwam. Went back home around 10pm and get ready for second round. It's party time again! Headed to vivi's place picked them up since huan not free to fetch them =)

obviously my sister is taller than me. =(


First picture of that night with jacklyn babe!

my percious!

My Ladies ;)

Hmmp,That so called leng zai? HAHAHA!

swt -.-


Liza,daniel,myself,kit zai.

The 4 ladies here,




Overall is great, Awesome night we had.
After club headed back cheras steven corner yamcha till 4something.
Tired like hell man..
That's all...