Thursday, January 01, 2009

Countdown For A Brand New Year 2009.

Countdown with brunch of them at poppy garden..=)

Continue later,

Gotta take dinner with my beloved bb.

Hello world,I am back.
Let's me continue my blog post which I mentioned earlier. =)

It was such an impromptu decision headed to poppy instead of sing k which their planned earlier. But who cares? Just enjoyed the parties till the max with brunch of them. I dressed up myself before my boy knocked off. Then, He came back and get ready waited for huan came picked us up. Alright, We reached poppy around 11.00pm something. But everywhere was jam I think, The crowd and the road. Can you imagine? That's so-called KL. LOL! Everyone were countdown for a brand new year and the firework pop out oh-so-suddenly when we were dancing.hahaha! It was my first time enjoyed the firework inside the club. Great right? Oh Yeah, Hope 2009 will bring a lot of happiness for me. =) Awww,I'll be turn older next month.

Once again, Happy new year everyone!

I realized how much you care me =)


  1. Awww~ U're so sweet with ur babyboy
    Happy 2009 xD

  2. Hey,you using blogspot too!
    happy new year too =)