Monday, January 05, 2009

Enjoyed My Day.

Busy whole day till now I just got time to update my blog post,

On saturday, Went out with my boyfriend,sister,mum and auntie. As I mentioned earlier I want dye my hair but at last I brought mum and auntie to clashcut dye their hair but myself do not dye yet. I wanna dye too but max there are full of customer, So I'll go next day when I free. Then, bb and I went rum visit lai for a while. Oh yea, no party on that night. Few of my babes asked me going poppy or not. So sorry babe, I cannot make it. sigh! Well, Bb and I just stuck at home played mahjong with my relative till midnight 2 something=)

The Next day, I managed to met up my babe tzel and val on last sunday. It's been few month I didn't went out with her already. I damn lazy to go out on sunday seriously, But everyone knew chinese new year is very very soon right. I hope can get myself some nice clothes and this time I don't wanna be last minute.Haha! Well, I force myself woke up early on that day. Actually we planned went out at 1pm but at last both of us reached there around 5pm. Then, we decided found some place took our brunch first since we were hungry. In the ended @ dome we've chose! Enjoyed our meal and I ordered my favorite spaghetti as usual. Spend our time at there chit-chated a lot and waited for babe val. Finished our meal then walked around there and I get myself a nice top and chio briefs ;) Babe val reached around 7something if not mistaken. She asked us accompanied her bought sally's birthday present. Alright, walked back to sg wang grab some nice clothes again. After awhile, Tzel felt hungry again, she suggested went old town had some food before she leaving. Babe val and I ate as well :)

The secound round is hulu langat @ look out point for sally's birthday celebration. Once we headed up there and had some steak as supper. Yes, I ate again! All of us just cannot stop laughing when miao telling jokes! And their planned went pulau redang after few month =)

Creamy seafood pasta. Spot her curry mee? yum yum* miao always duo duo yeh want la =P
The sweet couple sally & nic.

Last but not least,
Happy 24th Birthday Sally.


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