Sunday, January 25, 2009

I never feel satisfied on shopping.

First time felt satisfy on shopping. *ahem* or should I say I never feel satisfied on shopping since it was my first time.hahaha! Like finally, Get myself some nice outfit ;) So, Planning went out with my babe girl after I knocked off. Finished work quickly went home prepaped everything then headed to sg wang although I am extremely tired. ( Oh Yeah, Babe I grab things pretty fast hor? ) Don't blame me. Rush of time mah :) Oh well, Nothing to talk bout my day out so...

babe valerie.

Liza, me , Jacklyn.

Actually still got another post I wanted update but then due my laziness so I'll continue when I free. Teehee*
Hey Yeah, My leopard UV gel manicure finally done ;) Love it...
Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year 2009 Everyone.



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