Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Word, Syoks!

Hello peeps! miss me? HAHAHA!
Once I came back here since I got time now,
Sorry for my lack update, Tons of picture gotta upload.
Gossip,Yamcha,Clubbing and Etc. Be patiently my friends =P

These few day going out with my babe and boyfriend. Nothing special but I get myself a lot of nice stuff. On friday, Went out with my babe jacklyn,Liza and vivi. Taken dinner with them at oldtown. You knew I miss you so much right? LOL! My boyfriend finish work straight away picked me up. Then, Headed back home for changed. They suggested went the mines @ gasoline for drinks. Well, Luckily there wasn't that lala as I expect. At least there had a nice view=/

Next day, Going out with my boyfriend and his friends tagged along as well. Walked over to pavilion grab something and get some new clothes for chinese new year. Yes, I readily get myself one sets of skin care on that day that I wanted. Alright, took our brunch at madam kwam. Went back home around 10pm and get ready for second round. It's party time again! Headed to vivi's place picked them up since huan not free to fetch them =)

obviously my sister is taller than me. =(


First picture of that night with jacklyn babe!

my percious!

My Ladies ;)

Hmmp,That so called leng zai? HAHAHA!

swt -.-


Liza,daniel,myself,kit zai.

The 4 ladies here,




Overall is great, Awesome night we had.
After club headed back cheras steven corner yamcha till 4something.
Tired like hell man..
That's all...



  1. Fuiyo~Leng~
    Become more and more mature~
    The hair style suit u la wei~!

    Too bad~
    Cant join u at poppy that day =(

  2. Hey chien,
    you also changed to blogspot already =p

    bB- hahaha! Thanks my darling, Yalo! sad case =(

  3. not la..
    i using two blog now..
    blogspot join it so long time ago jor..