Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Move It...

Saturday going out with my boyfriend as usual. Babe val,Qin en and bb's friends tagged along. First stop was in mont kiara plaza but after awhile we off to midvalley did some shop. Then, taken dinner at there but I've forgotten the restaurant name. Well, we still get free gift @ 988 dvd. LOL! It's free. Then, we just rushing back home prepared for next round @ poppy garden.

Passion last night was bored man. We reached poppy pretty late so we've no table on that night. Whole night stuck at passion with my girl and my boy. I prefer R&B seriously ;) Next time make sure got table la dude.. ;)
Nevermind then, we still enjoyed our cam-whored session =)

myself, Qin en, Valerie.

with val and joey ;)



kit zai.




val val.

Tom & val.

sei miaomiao kiss my boy...

camwhored again......

meet a friendly girl evangeline at passion.

my girl..

Love them..

miao miao k.o-ed already..

see babe liza k.o-ed as well..

Alright, Just post up some picture. Damn lazy to post up all. hahahaha!

Till then,


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