Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please Get A Life!

This fella until now still using my picture! wtf man -.-
Please get a life faker...


Oh Ya, Just blog liltle bit here since I am free now so.....
Time gone fast seriously. Sometime when I think back, Actually what I have done in these last few year. But yet, That's just remind me again and again. It's nothing ;) However, Thank my dearest mom bring me into this world and now finally I got my own ability to do what I want to do. But eventually, I still need you mom. How lame am I? Alright, Chinese new year left 2 week to go. I still haven't get some stuff that I wanted. But I don't care, I want to get it all in this coming saturday. And also, Gotta ready a new wardrobe put all my nice clothes. HAHA! Hope everything go smooth as I expect. Well, I dyed my hair on last sunday. Thanks my hairstylist-vincent.LOL!
New pic soon =)

You promise me ;)