Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday night supposed going out with jacklyn since both of us craving for our favorite spaghetti, But ended up I was staying at home watched drama because of my laziness ;) So, I suggested tonight going out meet them up plus having dinner with them. How good? :) HAHAHA!

Ohhh Well, I cannot wait for february already.

Continue my post,

I just came back from times square with my babe girl ;) And finally ate my pasta.. yum yum!

After dinner went rum chill since we've nothing to do. Plus, These shop almost closed after our dinner so we just lepak at rum..

That's all for now,
Goodnight peeps!



  1. mana i a???alah...wait me ma...!!!haha

  2. walao....this piggy always eat nice thing juz eat maggie onli *,*

  3. tat pasta is so yummy ~
    hahah ~

    take care o ~
    leng leng ~

  4. @ Liz's -You so fast ciaooo.. LOL!

    @ sNoOpZ @k@ jOsHuA - bb ah bb.. next time lets go eat together. Don't so pity eat maggie.hahaha!

    @ wei wei- YAYA!! you take care too ;)