Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Day Has Come.

Finally the day has come, guess what?
My first 20th birthday celebration in this year with my percious darling girl, But too bad may you couldn't make it. Meaning, you broken promise! I'd probably know you couldn't make it already since you told me you still in macau now. I admit I got little angry when I heard this bad news from you. I always hate this, But I could understand the reason that you gimme.

Last weekend nothing special,
Night time yam cha with my gang as usual.
So let me skip until the party night on last saturday. At first, we still consider going or not but then the last minute decision we still managed headed over there. vivi and I was like dot dot dot. WHAT? Two of us again? Oh well, Forget about it. Once we reached there, met jacklyn up and that night wasn't that bad what :)

You see, This fella start camwhoring when we're on the way to poppy garden.

Miao, You look adorable in this pic you know?

The cute one.

My percious.

The one I heart.

Jacklyn, Vivi and I.

C for Clot :P

Babe jacklyn.

Babe vivi.

Melvin moh.

Always bully me punya dan lim.

where babe liza?

Fooling around


Bunny and Panda. Sweet-nya :)

more and more picture will be upload later, stay tune :)
Oh shit, I wasn't prepared for it at all. I need some nice outfit lah.

Lastly, Happy 3 year and 6 months anniversary.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's like a dream.


Hey my reader, Sorry I've been away for while.
But seems like some drama is going on. So yea, mr/ms anonymous please use your common sense before you drop me comment. But yet, your comment really laugh my ass off :) I think I don't need waste my time to prove you it's real or fake stuff. You means it, I bought fake stuff. But the same time you mentioned that I showing off. Damn funny man ;) Before jugde me remember bring ur brain along. Cheers~*

As I know, Nothing can alter the fact although we hope that's just a dream. Essentially, I'm quite excited that my birthday is very soon and everything goes smooth as I expected. At the same time, babe liza is going to US very very soon. I knew it's not a big matter but as you know we used to spend time together. It should be revealed we love each other much right. Believe it or not? But it's truth! No matter how, We'll wait you back after 2 months kay! I'm pretty sure I will miss you so so so much after while. Don't forget review back those pleasant memories picture when you miss us :)
Heart you all my babe. Much love~

See ya soon alright :D
Continue my blog post when I got home.
Picture wasn't with me now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine's Day.

My valentine's day with my percious one, babe and dude.

It was kinda special celebrated with few of the couple.
They planned earlier and booking a hotel for our valentine's day.
Before all that, My babe girl and I busying hang out because of the gift. Faint* Hahaha! Nevermind, At last I still managed to get something nice for him ;)
Saturday prepared everything then headed to Sucasa Hotel
. After while, We had candle light dinner which located nearby klcc. First time been there, Not bad thou! Cozy ambience and something like cowboy style :) But then the food turn out I totally gone dot dot dot.... Ribeye I still can accept lah, juicy and tender. But the chicken one damn yuck. Oh well, After dinner went back to hotel. Enjoyed those junk food, gossiped session with my girl, camwhored and etc.
What A great time? hahaha...

Oh Yea, I Sleep on 7 in the early morning. Damn gan jiong lor =)

Dinner @ Roadhouse Grill.

our little surprised to each other :)



And guess what? I got food poisoning after that.
I stuck at home after few days, felt much more better now :) no worries no worries! Well, Last night went out yam cha with my bros. The game which suggested by tom really made me faint. But real fun man! Hahaha~

* Listen properly, See properly..


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Open Your Eyes, Love And Go On.

Spotted it? They spam my wall. Muahaha =P
Don't be curious people. It's just a random post I guess. Haha!
Obviously I'm asking my friends who are attending my birthday party since I don't be last minute okay. Basically, all of them will be attending lah. But, I think I gotta change venue again since the place still in renovation. What A sad case weh!
( People plan nicely already mah. Ish~) ahem*
Just forget about it. Still considering still considering.
Oh Well, Lazy to blog now so will be continue my blog post tomorrow. Stay tune :)

And one last thing,
Happy Valentine's Day Everybody.

Darling, See you guys on 25th ;)

Hyper excited..

A Little Surprised.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Yo!

The natural one.

I didn't realise that today was tuesday because I still in holiday mood (: How come uh? Alright, Talk back my last friday, watched Ong Bak II with bunch of them. With the same group and same people. After movie, I had late supper with my gang. I know supper ain't good for us. But still I ate a lot.

Next day, I'm dead tired seriously. But then I still have to work. Shit! Luckily that day half day work. Suppose going out with chuckei,liza,vivi around 4pm. But I'm still late. They're waiting for me. ahem* I know I know. I always late right? hahaha! Taken brunch at papa johns pizza. Hmmm, taste wasn't that bad lah! Oh well, Since my girl hand itchy already including myself lah. LOL! Wanted to buy something pampered ourselves. So why not? Walked over to pavilion and I really got bit regretted walked over there. The crowd makes faint kay. Guess what? I spend rm600 on that day. no good no good! Around 9 something vincent fetched me home since it was kinda rush and I wanted go home earlier prepared for second round. Yeah, It's party time again. Headed to poppy right after. Yes, others happening day we had :) Right?

Babe val unable to join us. Plus, she complained
that she didn't have any picture with us. So, I offer her this pic when we're on the way to steven =P

Not much picture taken on that day.

Sunday, My boy purposely woke me up. Then I get myself prepared and he went out for hair cut. After a while he came back picked me then we off to coffee house for breakfast. After breakfast headed over to pavilion. Night time went over to huan's place. We got invited by him again and again :)

Gotta run now..


You brighten my day :)