Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Day Has Come.

Finally the day has come, guess what?
My first 20th birthday celebration in this year with my percious darling girl, But too bad may you couldn't make it. Meaning, you broken promise! I'd probably know you couldn't make it already since you told me you still in macau now. I admit I got little angry when I heard this bad news from you. I always hate this, But I could understand the reason that you gimme.

Last weekend nothing special,
Night time yam cha with my gang as usual.
So let me skip until the party night on last saturday. At first, we still consider going or not but then the last minute decision we still managed headed over there. vivi and I was like dot dot dot. WHAT? Two of us again? Oh well, Forget about it. Once we reached there, met jacklyn up and that night wasn't that bad what :)

You see, This fella start camwhoring when we're on the way to poppy garden.

Miao, You look adorable in this pic you know?

The cute one.

My percious.

The one I heart.

Jacklyn, Vivi and I.

C for Clot :P

Babe jacklyn.

Babe vivi.

Melvin moh.

Always bully me punya dan lim.

where babe liza?

Fooling around


Bunny and Panda. Sweet-nya :)

more and more picture will be upload later, stay tune :)
Oh shit, I wasn't prepared for it at all. I need some nice outfit lah.

Lastly, Happy 3 year and 6 months anniversary.


  1. i love your photo much dear~~
    sweet nia ;)

  2. happy anniversary 2 u & ur precious ~
    sweet forever !!

    enjoy ur day ya ~
    n happy birthday 2 u ~

  3. @ Genie - Muahaha~ mana ada :P

    @ crystal - Thank thanks :) You too ~