Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Yo!

The natural one.

I didn't realise that today was tuesday because I still in holiday mood (: How come uh? Alright, Talk back my last friday, watched Ong Bak II with bunch of them. With the same group and same people. After movie, I had late supper with my gang. I know supper ain't good for us. But still I ate a lot.

Next day, I'm dead tired seriously. But then I still have to work. Shit! Luckily that day half day work. Suppose going out with chuckei,liza,vivi around 4pm. But I'm still late. They're waiting for me. ahem* I know I know. I always late right? hahaha! Taken brunch at papa johns pizza. Hmmm, taste wasn't that bad lah! Oh well, Since my girl hand itchy already including myself lah. LOL! Wanted to buy something pampered ourselves. So why not? Walked over to pavilion and I really got bit regretted walked over there. The crowd makes faint kay. Guess what? I spend rm600 on that day. no good no good! Around 9 something vincent fetched me home since it was kinda rush and I wanted go home earlier prepared for second round. Yeah, It's party time again. Headed to poppy right after. Yes, others happening day we had :) Right?

Babe val unable to join us. Plus, she complained
that she didn't have any picture with us. So, I offer her this pic when we're on the way to steven =P

Not much picture taken on that day.

Sunday, My boy purposely woke me up. Then I get myself prepared and he went out for hair cut. After a while he came back picked me then we off to coffee house for breakfast. After breakfast headed over to pavilion. Night time went over to huan's place. We got invited by him again and again :)

Gotta run now..


You brighten my day :)


  1. ur pic really very leng neh !!

    babe gotta enjoy ur life everyday
    hope u happy everyday ~
    oh ya,wat job u doing now ?

  2. so good so good
    you're really so enjoy your days
    i also in holiday mood
    no yet come back :p
    RM600 is too over la dear~~~
    haha :)

  3. hehe..u really pretty neh..
    take many pic..so nice oh..
    like it so much..

  4. leng leng always enjoy ur days ya..
    and become more pretty jor..

  5. @ crystal - thanks ya! Ha.. Work at my daddy company. clerk gua =)

    @ Genie - We shoule be enjoy our life ma.lol! Yea,hahaha!

    @ swanswan - Muahaha. Thanks =P

    @ chien - Yea! lolz. Thanks you chien :)