Monday, February 23, 2009

It's like a dream.


Hey my reader, Sorry I've been away for while.
But seems like some drama is going on. So yea, mr/ms anonymous please use your common sense before you drop me comment. But yet, your comment really laugh my ass off :) I think I don't need waste my time to prove you it's real or fake stuff. You means it, I bought fake stuff. But the same time you mentioned that I showing off. Damn funny man ;) Before jugde me remember bring ur brain along. Cheers~*

As I know, Nothing can alter the fact although we hope that's just a dream. Essentially, I'm quite excited that my birthday is very soon and everything goes smooth as I expected. At the same time, babe liza is going to US very very soon. I knew it's not a big matter but as you know we used to spend time together. It should be revealed we love each other much right. Believe it or not? But it's truth! No matter how, We'll wait you back after 2 months kay! I'm pretty sure I will miss you so so so much after while. Don't forget review back those pleasant memories picture when you miss us :)
Heart you all my babe. Much love~

See ya soon alright :D
Continue my blog post when I got home.
Picture wasn't with me now.

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