Friday, February 06, 2009

Let's start from here...

Sunday usually I will be staying at home rested but my boy doesn't working on that day so yea we decided hang out since we've nothing to do at home. Guess what? Headed over to pavilion later on. Like finally, Catch up some nice movie before leaving. We watched @ Underworld. Before movie started, Grabbed something nice of course. So Yeah, I get myself a pair of heels and perfume! Actually it's free. ( My 1st birthday pressie from my boyfriend sister. Thanks a lot )

Then, had some dessert at Baskin robbin.

As Usual,

Monday, Gotta woke up early :/

Yes, Obvious my holiday is over.
I forced myself woke up early because I've to work.
Reached office just sitting in front my computer and waited people give me angpao. Great right? Hahaha ;) Went back home around 12something. My darling come over my place oh-so-suddenly.
Going out with them for tea at momo's cafe. Gossip with my long lost darling girl mei and carmen. I realized something different and I feel they changed a lot in the moment. Matured, Responsible and etc.
I'm glad to see that :)

About wednesday, All of us got invited by huan since he wanted be boss on that day. So, we having reunion dinner at kuchai lama. Thanks anyway =) Next stop went over to gilly cafe for Fai's birthday celebration.
Hey people! Valentine is very very soon, Got any plans?
Meanwhile, I start planning how should I celebrate my 20th birthday.

Headache Headache (:

My lovely February ;)


  1. so great ya
    sitting in front of computer waiting the ang pau

    how good la my dear~~
    birthday is coming soon already~~~
    wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY first :)
    wish you get a very happy and great birthday ya^^

  2. when ur birthday babe ?
    how u plan for celebrate ur 20th birthday ?

  3. @Genie - Yeah. its great! Thanks ya my dear ;)

    @crystal - 2/27. hahaha! Dunno yet. still planning ;)