Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Awesome Chinese New Year.

Let's Continue...

On the fourth day of chinese new year, Going out with bunch of them again. Kit zai picked me around 6pm if not mistaken. This time I get ready quite early and waited for them. Off to pavilion later on. Before that, Liza suggested treat me and vivi a meal because that night she won our! How Good? So,Went Sakae Sushi for our lunch.
Night time, Supposed to catch up some nice movie but ended up headed over to arie's place for gambling. But I didn't gamble on that night. Just gossip-ed with my babe girl. Except the bunny.LOL! You know I know la babes..

Next day, Did the same things.
Plus,I've forgotten where I went already.hehe!

We never miss any party on saturday although during chinese new year. Before party, I purposely went out hunting a top to match my dress. I admit I am too choosy ;)

Poppy night same as usual,
Packed and hot but fun tho....Hahaha =P

Qin en, Jun Ee.

Such a poser.lolz

What happened to you malau?

Don't act cute la weh =P

my cutie pie!

my sweetie!

Chuckei & Val.

Heart my babe girl.

Apa ni? Kiss my boy again..

The birthday girl on that day @Jill.


kit zai,Bb,Ah wai.

Actually still got more and more people....

To be continue..

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