Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine's Day.

My valentine's day with my percious one, babe and dude.

It was kinda special celebrated with few of the couple.
They planned earlier and booking a hotel for our valentine's day.
Before all that, My babe girl and I busying hang out because of the gift. Faint* Hahaha! Nevermind, At last I still managed to get something nice for him ;)
Saturday prepared everything then headed to Sucasa Hotel
. After while, We had candle light dinner which located nearby klcc. First time been there, Not bad thou! Cozy ambience and something like cowboy style :) But then the food turn out I totally gone dot dot dot.... Ribeye I still can accept lah, juicy and tender. But the chicken one damn yuck. Oh well, After dinner went back to hotel. Enjoyed those junk food, gossiped session with my girl, camwhored and etc.
What A great time? hahaha...

Oh Yea, I Sleep on 7 in the early morning. Damn gan jiong lor =)

Dinner @ Roadhouse Grill.

our little surprised to each other :)



And guess what? I got food poisoning after that.
I stuck at home after few days, felt much more better now :) no worries no worries! Well, Last night went out yam cha with my bros. The game which suggested by tom really made me faint. But real fun man! Hahaha~

* Listen properly, See properly..



  1. so sweet ya dear~
    so good
    damn envy la ;P

  2. wow
    babe have a great valentine ~
    envy la wei ~ hehe ^^

  3. @ Genie - hehehe! you also sweet mah :D

    @ crystal - hahaha :) not bad thou..

    @ cui sin- LOL. Thanks!