Saturday, February 14, 2009

Open Your Eyes, Love And Go On.

Spotted it? They spam my wall. Muahaha =P
Don't be curious people. It's just a random post I guess. Haha!
Obviously I'm asking my friends who are attending my birthday party since I don't be last minute okay. Basically, all of them will be attending lah. But, I think I gotta change venue again since the place still in renovation. What A sad case weh!
( People plan nicely already mah. Ish~) ahem*
Just forget about it. Still considering still considering.
Oh Well, Lazy to blog now so will be continue my blog post tomorrow. Stay tune :)

And one last thing,
Happy Valentine's Day Everybody.

Darling, See you guys on 25th ;)

Hyper excited..

A Little Surprised.


  1. where u gonna celebrate ur birthday ?
    wait ur new post ya !!

  2. oh yea~
    babe's birthday coming soon ya~~~
    what's your plan ?
    waiting you new post ya :)

  3. @ crystal - Haha! dunno yet..headache lor =P

    @ genie - let me plan plan. lolz.