Monday, February 02, 2009

What A Great Time.

As he promised me A candle light dinner at the ship.. Thanks bb ;)

Hello people, Miss me?
Finally, I am back..

I managed to update my blog since I am free now. My babe mumbling me already if I still don't update my blog. ( Busy hang out mah babes!) I dunno where should I start from. OH well, Lin 30 man sister and I decided went out shop again. Night time went out for movie @ All's Well,End's Well 2009.
The first day of chinese new year we woke up pretty early in the morning. Taken breakfast with my family and for sure the first thingy we've to wished them and get angpao from them ;) Afternoon visit my grandma then went back home for nothing. After a while my boy came picked me then off to len sen kar kit's place for gambling.

On the second day of chinese new year, All my relative come over my place and lai them come over as well. That day is full of appoinment. HAHAHA! Around 3 something headed to chuckei's place visited her and gambling again.
"Miao you cannot won my money want lah."
After visited chuckei off to home for dinner then went to my auntie place. I wonder why during chinese new year we just gambling non-stop huh. No good No good ;) But luckily I won 100 bucks in these 2 days. Night time cheong k with bunch of them till 3 something...

Third day of chinese new year, Woke up around 3 something if not mistaken. When I was showering my boy asked me either go out with kelwin or head up genting with lai them. It was such an impromptu decision headed up to genting and I just rushing all the way. I've not enough time to make up. All of them have to wait for me =(

Picture do the talking...

my ladies.

Had a drink session at coffee bean.


Vincent wu.

Dan Lim.
Clot Kaki=P

Lai & Vincent.

HAHAHAHA! He force me to took this picture..

Want so yeng meh.
Not to forget, The party at last last saturday.
What so called last party before new year. LOL!
Yeah,We went poppy as usual..

on the way going poppy..

My babe girl.



Emily & Cindy.

After party off to mamak for supper.
But you guys spotted it how many person it was there?
Crazy man...

Still got lotsa lotsa picture not upload yet...
wait wait wait wait wait,
Upcoming post, Stay tune peeps!


Gong Xi Fat Cai...



  1. finally can read ur new post
    euu really long time din updated ur bloggie ady

    got how many ppl go yam cha together ?
    so scary erk !!

    gong hei fatt choi 2 u ~
    i wan ang pau !! lol~

  2. very great chinese new year babe~~~~
    so good :)
    pretty photo you have taken
    i admire yours guys having supper at the mamak
    just like whole class student come out together
    but i think that's great^^
    i like it

  3. @Crystal - Yeah,Not free to update.hahah! I'll try to update often.... i think got 40-50 ppl gua..

    @Genie - Yeah. You too my dear! Really a lot people club then supper together. lol!