Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday Night @ Genting.

No club for this couple weeks. I feel bored on it seriously. Kit zai proposed headed up to Genting Highland instead of club. Before that, Lepak at times square @ rum for nothing. All of them knocked off between 9pm - 10pm. So we went home changing and waited for them. Our journey started at 12am, the guys was so damn high for no reason why! And I couldn't stop laughing.
( Obvious the girls picture is less than guys. why-oh-why? )

Random pose :P

I wonder my boy covering what.lol!

Miao Miao FORCE us to do this.
Funniest, Craziest, Insane.

After that, Sat down at starbuck enjoyed A cup of chocolate chips.

We reached home around 5am, It's real exhausted man.
But yet, We had fun and we enjoyed till the max!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Conversation With My Girl.

Yesterday, Going out with madeline and nana after I knocked off. She dated me out every time when she was in KL. Finally I managed to met her up. About madeline, She was busy-ing her assignment,job,event la. bla bla bla' Headed to midvalley around 7pm. We walked around accompanied nana bought something that she needed. Then taken dinner at Secret Recipe and we having little conversation there. Ehhhhh.....Once the girl stuck together, Gossip session couldn't be wanting in. It's truth okay. LOL! After dinner keng sing dropped me at times square cause my boy were waiting for me. I met up with my gang and caught up movie with bunch of them. We watched Marley & Me. The storyline was not bad tho. How could you sleep in the theater miao miao and kit zai. They gave me reaction is " nice meh this movie". I've no comment seriously. Hahaha! The ending is so touching it made everyone weeping! Included my boy.

Well, Not much picture taken!

Madeline Ming :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour.

What A weird weather? I bet you folks cannot stand for it. Monday weather is hot until I cannot breath. Feel like uncomfortably! But yesterday raining cats & dogs in the early morning when I woke up. weather is turned freezing cold and comfortably. I wishes I could sleep longer in the moment. but yet, I force myself wake up eventually. Human really "fan jin" one loh. When I got time to take more rest. Once I lying on my bed, I don't feel like sleeping at all. ( I'd rather surfing net ) hahaha!

Hey Readers!
Global ωarming, Are you ready to take action?

  • Be A part of Earth Hour, Vote for Earth on 28 March 2009. We just have to switch off our lights from 8.30-9.30pm on march 28 local time and save the planet earth! Switching off all your lights for one hour as a gesture of support, Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on. Are you ready to take action? Raise your hand if you believe in it. " Let's make a difference " Be A part of the world’s biggest movement against climate change. More information, visit www.earthhour.org

Monday, March 23, 2009

Short update!

Saturday, Last minute decision headed to sungai wang @ clashcut cause the guy wanted went there for hair cut. Since I got nothing to do there, So I decided went there for manicure plus killing my time. I spend almost 3 hour for it. But kinda worth la :) It's nice!

At night time, We don't feel like club so kit zai planned headed up to genting instead of club. But ended up planning was failed. I went home with my boy and the rest of them went poppy as usual. Every saturday we went the same place. I feel bored on it seriously. This saturday cut down the party. Rest at home! That's better :) LOL! And today, Suppose attend my colleague @ christine wedding dinner but then I changed my mind at last!
Someone is so damn bad! HAHAHA.
Lastly, congratulation to this newly wedded couple.

Just a short update here,It's time to sleep!Goodnight peeps!

Happy 3 year 7month anniversary bb*

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Melvin Moh.


Little updated here....

I think I better update fast, Seems like everyone asking me.
Currently, went out every night enjoying my yamcha session.
Bring along my laptop enjoy a cup of tea ;)

Sweet as candy loh.hahaha!

Three of us.

Birthday cake handmade by chuckei.

Tuesday night, All come over my place around 10pm. Obviously my place become headquarters already. HAHAHA! Headed up to ara damansara nzx fullhouse for miao miao's birthday celebration. But we were late. Again? ( Don't always late la bro, Everytime late almost 1 hour ) Oh Well, Fullhouse closing time is 12am but then last call is 11pm. Imagining how late we were? Sigh sigh sigh! What to do? Chuckei suggested headed back to kl look out point . So, rushing back kl right after. Luckily we still managed to sang birthday song to you before 12am :) Enjoyed our food and chit-chated there. I FORCE this fella bussing in front of us. His shyness really made me laugh-out-loud. Anyway, thanks ya meal bro! Lastly, wish you all the best!


Tomorrow? ahem*

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheong K Session @ Neway.

Saturday, My boy promised accompanied for little shopping before dinner. So we headed to bangsar after I knocked off. That day was raining heavy. When we're on the way home. Guess what? The flood was obstructed the road and those car don't even can move. Everywhere were jam! I still managed to took picture. HAHAHA! (My boy asked me to took picture for my blog. LOL!)

Spot the car, Jam Jam Jam!

Summer Palace Restaurant

( Saturday,14th March 2009)

Went home prepared for second round @ miao cousin wedding dinner. Imagine around 10 people stuck in my room. Faint. Hahaha! Those guy changing inside my room whatever they like and the girl busying make up in front the mirror. LOL! We suppose went out around 6pm but ended up went out around 8pm. We're late!


groupy picture.


After dinner, The guy decided went back cheras sing k instead of club. This week finally we did something different! Well, Both of my babe girl starting betting I'm the one will went home for changing as them know me very well. So once I reached there, Both of them staring at me and keep laughing there. HAHAHA! Yes, I went home changing before went to sing k. Alright, Cheong k session started at 11 something and we sang until midnight 4.30am. All went home earlier except kei,miao,vivi,myself and my boy. It's real exhausted man! but yet we had fun :*)

This new couple wanted give us surprise but ended up bocor already.LOL!

Miao Miao in love with little kitty now.