Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheong K Session @ Neway.

Saturday, My boy promised accompanied for little shopping before dinner. So we headed to bangsar after I knocked off. That day was raining heavy. When we're on the way home. Guess what? The flood was obstructed the road and those car don't even can move. Everywhere were jam! I still managed to took picture. HAHAHA! (My boy asked me to took picture for my blog. LOL!)

Spot the car, Jam Jam Jam!

Summer Palace Restaurant

( Saturday,14th March 2009)

Went home prepared for second round @ miao cousin wedding dinner. Imagine around 10 people stuck in my room. Faint. Hahaha! Those guy changing inside my room whatever they like and the girl busying make up in front the mirror. LOL! We suppose went out around 6pm but ended up went out around 8pm. We're late!


groupy picture.


After dinner, The guy decided went back cheras sing k instead of club. This week finally we did something different! Well, Both of my babe girl starting betting I'm the one will went home for changing as them know me very well. So once I reached there, Both of them staring at me and keep laughing there. HAHAHA! Yes, I went home changing before went to sing k. Alright, Cheong k session started at 11 something and we sang until midnight 4.30am. All went home earlier except kei,miao,vivi,myself and my boy. It's real exhausted man! but yet we had fun :*)

This new couple wanted give us surprise but ended up bocor already.LOL!

Miao Miao in love with little kitty now.


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  2. wow~
    so enjoy ya
    10 ppl stay inside your room
    so many
    veru full
    the road !
    so cham !

    ops !
    i just know that chuckei and your friend mr miao stay in love
    what a good news ya
    wish them stay sweet always ya^^