Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Conversation With My Girl.

Yesterday, Going out with madeline and nana after I knocked off. She dated me out every time when she was in KL. Finally I managed to met her up. About madeline, She was busy-ing her assignment,job,event la. bla bla bla' Headed to midvalley around 7pm. We walked around accompanied nana bought something that she needed. Then taken dinner at Secret Recipe and we having little conversation there. Ehhhhh.....Once the girl stuck together, Gossip session couldn't be wanting in. It's truth okay. LOL! After dinner keng sing dropped me at times square cause my boy were waiting for me. I met up with my gang and caught up movie with bunch of them. We watched Marley & Me. The storyline was not bad tho. How could you sleep in the theater miao miao and kit zai. They gave me reaction is " nice meh this movie". I've no comment seriously. Hahaha! The ending is so touching it made everyone weeping! Included my boy.

Well, Not much picture taken!

Madeline Ming :)