Monday, March 02, 2009

My 20th Birthday Bash.


26/02/2009 @ nzx fullhouse.

Firstly, I wanted thanks those who attending my 20th birthday celebration on 26th thursday night. There were included (my boy,my sister,jason,miao,chuckei,vivi,daniel,val,vincent,liza,kit zai,sally,nick,jacklyn,lai,huan,tom,estells,dohwin.) To be honest, The most memorable celebration I had ever. We had fun right babe :) Thanks my daddy fully support. Muahaha! You pampered me always. I decided celebrated my birthday at @ nzx fullhouse. Guess what? It was my first time to be boss. That day, I've invited around 20 people. I know the food wasn't that expensive. At least there had cosy environment. Agree? I hope you guys enjoyed the dinner as well. Overall was great! We laughed and smile all the way. camwhoring session must for sure. I couldn't forget these guys fooling around there which part really make me laugh out loud. ( Picture at below )

Touching part was here, Really touched my heart!

Bunny went back JB on tuesday night. But she purposely sat plane and rushing back for my birthday celebration on thursday night. Awww, So touching man! And
babe Liza, She supposed leave earlier but you know la, Because of me. She delayed her date of flight. so sweet of you babe. I'm glad they're there for me.

To the rest of them @ darling, bros ,babes & stranger.
Not to forget, t
hose who wishes me from facebook,friendster,msn,mobile phone. I still wanted to thank ya'll. I didn't managed to replied all since too many comment. But yet, all wishes I get it and keep into my heart ;)


Funny part was here,

the silly one.

not effect kay.

my silly boy.

my boy with huan.

My very chio ultraman birthday cake from my boyfriend.
Nice right? I like it. muakss~

The girl.

crazy one!

This frame handmade by jacklyn when she's on her way home,
guess what? she draw it by herself. I likey :)

28/02/2009 @ Poppy Garden.

I've another celebration at poppy garden which just very simple but something surprise me again. Everyone wishing me although my birthday is over. Alright, scrolling down and see what surprise I had :) Many thanks to you babe!


Bunny with rose? chio huh~

The cute one babe vivi

three of us.

Sweetie pie jacklyn.

Jun ee, Qin en



Mr lai.

Seldom come out "pou" geh huan.

Miao why you so "lum" ar?


Hug two girl d still looking for others. adui~
You're greedy enough. haha!


I tried to be nice with him on that day if you guys know why. hahaha!

I'm so surprise when this cake suddenly appear in front of me. An
impressive part over my expectation. The cake with my name "L" and full of pink rose. Awesome man! I just simply love it. Thank ya my babe joey. Although she unable to join us but she managed to give me A little surprise yea :)

Oh gosh, I forgot make a wish plus they keep rushing me faster blew off the candle. Miao said: " You what also got already, Don't need make a wish lah." swt!
But I hope my dream come true :P

Long stories, So let me continue later. hehe!

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