Friday, March 13, 2009

My Blog Has Turned Outdated.

My blog has turned outdated day by day.
I consider to quit here due some personal problem.
Ishhhhhhhhhh, I can't bear to leave ya'll. sigh*
Currently, I've not enough time to do something important to me. T
ime gone fast seriously. Can I reversed ?
I am here asking myself, How long I didn't been in class?
Everyday I did the same things.
Hang out,Gossip,Shopping,Stay home surfing net. What else?
I gotta arrange my time well. Look forward and see. Haha!

(My streamyx problem still here, wasn't settle yet. Damn it!)
Something pampered myself :*)

I am so so so in love with this song.
* 好歌不厭舊,能聽出耳油記載在你的記憶就是好歌 *



  1. hmmm
    must do something about it

  2. arrange back ur time
    do somethings different ~
    but life really suck
    everyday i also doing the same things ~
    sigh !! boring like hell ~

  3. @crystal - Yeah,lets do something different :P