Friday, March 06, 2009

My feeling.

Oopss, I almost forgot! I am officially 20th now. Obviously, My lovely month is over. I can definitely say that everything's goes smooth! I genuinely enjoyed my time with bunch them for the pass few months. Meeting a lot of you, You guys brings a lot of laughter for me seriously. I appreciate it, really! Thank for all pressie that you guys grabbed for me. I really like it. And my loves one, You always be there for me when I needed, Pampers me always as you always do! I know, I am the one who get mad easily. I admit I am kinda good in showing you my superb "lanci" face when I am not in good mood. But I know you trying your best to make me happy and tolerated with my hot-tempered afterall. As I know, You just avoid these unnecessary arguement. Am I right? My daddy, Although I am officially 20th now but you still treat me as a child. He do worries me always and he don't allow this and that. Sometime, He's over pampers me :) What a cool Dad? My mummy, You're the only one which always helping me out and hidden "something" that my dad doesn't allowed. Hehe! I heart you all the time ;)

Something damn fuck up, my house server problem is getting worse. It was really hindered me man! The line cut off after few minute when I turn on my wireless. Damn sien lor like this. Cannot even chat with my friends. Plus, Keep Disconnect! Faint*
( babe don't blame me why I don't upload those pic as fast huh )

Streamyx is totally shit!!

Due my laziness I think I will not continue my post as I mentioned at my previous post. Hahaha! Sorry let you guys waiting for so long.

Anyhow, My gift in this year.
Many thanks to you guys ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

Burberry & Lancome Perfume.
Mac - Lipgloss, Mascara, Eyeshadow.
Dior - Eyeshadow, Lipgloss.
Benefit Sparkling Powder In A Puff.
Casio - Watch.
Cash Rm3,300
* Someone still owe me pressie :P
Picture will be post up soon. stay tune!


  1. you're so so xing fu neh~~~
    so good ya
    keep it on babe
    wish you happy and sweet always ya

  2. @ Genie - Thanks ya :) yoo too!!

    @ BusyHuan - So lame....