Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last 2 weeks, Hang out with bunch of them since the girl wanted did some manicure. ( Before babe liza leave us ) This time i chose sliver colour one, For me, Simple and nice!
Before that, This 2 fella starting fooling around there.

Really make me laugh out loud.

I tried to update my blog often. But my line still the same. Keep disconnect until I faint. Nowadays, I rather went out with them and I don't even feel like stay at home at all. At least cafe which nearby my house got wireless and I able to update little ;) Last week, I spend quite a lot and it's over my budget.
HAHAHA! But who cares? Finally I get what I want. But I don't think I will post up any picture here since I just avoid those random crap and bullshit. Good idea?


To Be Continue...
More picture will be post up later :P


  1. my line also keep disconnect
    make me pek chik ~
    i really dunno wat should i do ~

    u all going club everyday ?

  2. @ crystal - Same wor. streamyx isit? Yea, I went every saturday :)