Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday Night @ Genting.

No club for this couple weeks. I feel bored on it seriously. Kit zai proposed headed up to Genting Highland instead of club. Before that, Lepak at times square @ rum for nothing. All of them knocked off between 9pm - 10pm. So we went home changing and waited for them. Our journey started at 12am, the guys was so damn high for no reason why! And I couldn't stop laughing.
( Obvious the girls picture is less than guys. why-oh-why? )

Random pose :P

I wonder my boy covering what.lol!

Miao Miao FORCE us to do this.
Funniest, Craziest, Insane.

After that, Sat down at starbuck enjoyed A cup of chocolate chips.

We reached home around 5am, It's real exhausted man.
But yet, We had fun and we enjoyed till the max!


  1. lols~~~
    damn funny la those photo
    but you still look pretty =)
    all using mac book ya^^

  2. KikoChan - they're crazy =P
    Genie - yup~ lol!