Monday, March 23, 2009

Short update!

Saturday, Last minute decision headed to sungai wang @ clashcut cause the guy wanted went there for hair cut. Since I got nothing to do there, So I decided went there for manicure plus killing my time. I spend almost 3 hour for it. But kinda worth la :) It's nice!

At night time, We don't feel like club so kit zai planned headed up to genting instead of club. But ended up planning was failed. I went home with my boy and the rest of them went poppy as usual. Every saturday we went the same place. I feel bored on it seriously. This saturday cut down the party. Rest at home! That's better :) LOL! And today, Suppose attend my colleague @ christine wedding dinner but then I changed my mind at last!
Someone is so damn bad! HAHAHA.
Lastly, congratulation to this newly wedded couple.

Just a short update here,It's time to sleep!Goodnight peeps!

Happy 3 year 7month anniversary bb*

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