Monday, April 27, 2009

A Small Gathering Day.

Sitting in front my lappie my mind which is empty now. These pass few day meet up with my percious darling may. We decided come out have a drinks since we miss each other much. She always busy on her stuff it made me hard to meet her up. That day I asked daniel dropped me at gilly cafe around 8pm. We supposed have many things to talk but ended up both of us busying send song to each other.

Friday, headed to KL took off my nail extension before attending sioo yen birthday party. Just a simple gathering days with my old schoolmates. We celebrated at @ thai seafood restaurant which located at pandan perdana. No doubt, The food absolutely tastes delicious :) We had little conversation over there. What I know is, It's a small world after all.

Happy 20th Birthday Iki Cheong.

Darling Carmen.

Saturday, After knocked off purposely headed to KLCC for brunch and waited for babe liza. At night time, I thought no club for this week but ended up we still went the same place since babe liza wanted to go :) Bumped into many familiar face and my hot babe.

Chuckei & Me.

Babe vivi & Me.

Emily & Me.


Babe liza, miss you so so so much :)


Yes, Obviously she's in the town now!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Routine Night @ Passion.

I’m having deadly boring saturday night. At first I thought It would be fun but definitely a routine night for me. Downstair @ Poppy is packed and fulled, We got no choice. The entire night I was sitting at passion for nothing, I didn't enjoy at all. LOL! I have to plan nicely for this coming saturday, Should I say 'NO' to club? Before that, Accident occurred when vincent on his way to poppy. Luckily vincent didn't get injuries and he's safe now.

Five of us before leaving =)
Oh Well, Our members is getting more and more.
But doesn't means we forget you babe liza.
Guess what? Babe liza is coming back real soon.

Boredom is killing me, So I decided went downstair.
Some familiar face pop out oh-so-suddenly.
Bump into kah hong,wei wei em'

Picture will upload more later. Stay tune peeps!

Sunday @ Friday The 13th

Caught up movie on sunday night.
Received my buddies call asked for movie. So why not?
The storyline was not bad tho. Jason is king slasher!
Such A sanguinary,scary,disgusting movie.
But I recommend this film to anyone, Go and watch yourself :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Gang Which Look Like A Little Family.

No doubt, Definitely I heart this pic lots. A gang which look like a little family here :) When I sign in my facebook today, I saw this pic which tagged by chuckei really caught my attention. Kei, Your drawing skill and imagination is pretty good I would say, I even can recognize everyone. Deeply appreciated here *

From left to right,
Miao,Chuckei,Bee,Myself,Vivi,Liza,Kit zai.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing Can Alter The Truth.

Went out with my babes and dude on wednesday night. All of them went out earlier except me. Luckily miao willing come over and picked me. Thanks your ride my bro ;) But now, We leave out CHERAS one by one. We were NOT cheras gang anymore! The first move out is miao but now turn me. Mummy told me this saturday she will be going "buy" our new house which location is far and I hard to come out. I need driver lots. lol! I always give myself some dumb ideas or excuse to my mom that I don't wanna move out here. But anyhow, I'm still have to move out although I disinclined to move out. Well, Nothing can alter the truth, I gotta accept everything after all. Beside that, I was thinking how to decorate my new house. New environment is good perhaps?

Meet up with my babe girl afterward. Went to pavilion since the boy wanted buy new laptop. Alright, One more mac user :) val and vincent were using the same gadget now:) For me, I wanted to get myself IMAC very soon. Hahaha!

na na na na na..

Val Val.
Nana,vivi,kei,val,me & madeline

miao & me.

Stay happy my babe girl. I heart u all lots lots ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girl Talk, Heart Talk, Let's Talk.

Wednesday, when I was on my way home I received a called from miao. He told me after dropped chuckei home then come over my place picked me up. Little kitty unable to join us because she had tuition at night time. So I quickly prepared myself and I done my make up in 10 minutes. Break my recorded I! Something really touched my heart while we chilling at old town. We talked about " separation and death " which really made me feel sad. Moreover, we shared our real life stories to each other. Everyone turned emo-ing after telling out their own stories :( ish~ sad-nya...

I like this pic so much;)

wondering what he was doing there?

After that, caught movie @ shinjuku Incident with the same old bunch.

Friday, went out with vivi,keng sing,titus,gugu,beckham them since I promised her. That night, I went back the same restaurant and I caught same movie @ fast & furious with different people :)

Next day, Headed to sg wang u-village for brunch. Chuckei and I just walked around there hunting some " ladies stuff " and the guy went low yat. Headed back home around 8pm inch. since we got nothing to do at there. Once I reached home, chuckei and nana started play on my hair. lol~ But misson failed. My hair look kinda weird. hahaha! Alright, off to poppy later on.


Bunny & panda fighting. Gan jiong lor!!

She very mm song lor.

Don't argue la, come take picture.