Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girl Talk, Heart Talk, Let's Talk.

Wednesday, when I was on my way home I received a called from miao. He told me after dropped chuckei home then come over my place picked me up. Little kitty unable to join us because she had tuition at night time. So I quickly prepared myself and I done my make up in 10 minutes. Break my recorded I! Something really touched my heart while we chilling at old town. We talked about " separation and death " which really made me feel sad. Moreover, we shared our real life stories to each other. Everyone turned emo-ing after telling out their own stories :( ish~ sad-nya...

I like this pic so much;)

wondering what he was doing there?

After that, caught movie @ shinjuku Incident with the same old bunch.

Friday, went out with vivi,keng sing,titus,gugu,beckham them since I promised her. That night, I went back the same restaurant and I caught same movie @ fast & furious with different people :)

Next day, Headed to sg wang u-village for brunch. Chuckei and I just walked around there hunting some " ladies stuff " and the guy went low yat. Headed back home around 8pm inch. since we got nothing to do at there. Once I reached home, chuckei and nana started play on my hair. lol~ But misson failed. My hair look kinda weird. hahaha! Alright, off to poppy later on.


Bunny & panda fighting. Gan jiong lor!!

She very mm song lor.

Don't argue la, come take picture.


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