Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Still Miss The Excitement.

Finally come back to the same place on saturday night. Around 10pm inch kit zai and daniel come over my place, All busy with their new gadget and this 2 fella taken dinner inside my room. *Grrggh* Head to poppy garden with my gang right after, After 2 weeks I come back to here I realized that place become lala-land. My surroundings is overcrowd by seafood if you know what I meant. The entire night I gone tipsy seriously and my sensitive nose is killing me. OH GOSH! I kept on sneezing :(

Alright, Ingone my superb tipsy face :*)

Jacklyn babe come late.


My lovely sunday, When my boy alarms keep on ringing. I knew he won't be going to work. Most disgusting is, His alarm really disturbing me having my beauty sleep eh. I wishes I could sleep longer when my day off but its really hard I think. I changed my mind not to sleep anymore, I turn on my lappie and surfing net. Around 2pm prepared everything waited for them. Kit zai,huan and nana come over my place then 5 of us went out together. Headed to sg wang @ u-village taken brunch. After bunch walked over to pavilion bought movie ticket and vivi tagged along as well. The guy decided sat at starbuck surfing net and the girl just walked around there. Oh well, I managed to grabbed all those things that I wanted. After all these, taken late dinner @ crystal jade meal.

We caught fast & furious 4 at 11.50pm

The guy were gone insane!
They playing at the road and took picture with stranger.

Bump into malau ;)

Don't disturb people talking phone lah. adui~

New gadget which I mentioned!
The day I couldn't stop laughing. You guys really bring a lot of laughter for me. Heart you all lots lots;)


  1. begrudge ur life~
    lyk so enjoy owaz~
    emm~~nt lyk mine~~ @v@

  2. lols babe~
    your nose look red leh
    take good care always ya^^
    enjoy you days =)