Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing Can Alter The Truth.

Went out with my babes and dude on wednesday night. All of them went out earlier except me. Luckily miao willing come over and picked me. Thanks your ride my bro ;) But now, We leave out CHERAS one by one. We were NOT cheras gang anymore! The first move out is miao but now turn me. Mummy told me this saturday she will be going "buy" our new house which location is far and I hard to come out. I need driver lots. lol! I always give myself some dumb ideas or excuse to my mom that I don't wanna move out here. But anyhow, I'm still have to move out although I disinclined to move out. Well, Nothing can alter the truth, I gotta accept everything after all. Beside that, I was thinking how to decorate my new house. New environment is good perhaps?

Meet up with my babe girl afterward. Went to pavilion since the boy wanted buy new laptop. Alright, One more mac user :) val and vincent were using the same gadget now:) For me, I wanted to get myself IMAC very soon. Hahaha!

na na na na na..

Val Val.
Nana,vivi,kei,val,me & madeline

miao & me.

Stay happy my babe girl. I heart u all lots lots ;)

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