Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Routine Night @ Passion.

I’m having deadly boring saturday night. At first I thought It would be fun but definitely a routine night for me. Downstair @ Poppy is packed and fulled, We got no choice. The entire night I was sitting at passion for nothing, I didn't enjoy at all. LOL! I have to plan nicely for this coming saturday, Should I say 'NO' to club? Before that, Accident occurred when vincent on his way to poppy. Luckily vincent didn't get injuries and he's safe now.

Five of us before leaving =)
Oh Well, Our members is getting more and more.
But doesn't means we forget you babe liza.
Guess what? Babe liza is coming back real soon.

Boredom is killing me, So I decided went downstair.
Some familiar face pop out oh-so-suddenly.
Bump into kah hong,wei wei em'

Picture will upload more later. Stay tune peeps!

Sunday @ Friday The 13th

Caught up movie on sunday night.
Received my buddies call asked for movie. So why not?
The storyline was not bad tho. Jason is king slasher!
Such A sanguinary,scary,disgusting movie.
But I recommend this film to anyone, Go and watch yourself :)

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