Monday, April 27, 2009

A Small Gathering Day.

Sitting in front my lappie my mind which is empty now. These pass few day meet up with my percious darling may. We decided come out have a drinks since we miss each other much. She always busy on her stuff it made me hard to meet her up. That day I asked daniel dropped me at gilly cafe around 8pm. We supposed have many things to talk but ended up both of us busying send song to each other.

Friday, headed to KL took off my nail extension before attending sioo yen birthday party. Just a simple gathering days with my old schoolmates. We celebrated at @ thai seafood restaurant which located at pandan perdana. No doubt, The food absolutely tastes delicious :) We had little conversation over there. What I know is, It's a small world after all.

Happy 20th Birthday Iki Cheong.

Darling Carmen.

Saturday, After knocked off purposely headed to KLCC for brunch and waited for babe liza. At night time, I thought no club for this week but ended up we still went the same place since babe liza wanted to go :) Bumped into many familiar face and my hot babe.

Chuckei & Me.

Babe vivi & Me.

Emily & Me.


Babe liza, miss you so so so much :)


Yes, Obviously she's in the town now!!

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