Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dragon Boat Festival

Today when I was preparing get ready to work that I only realized today is Dragon Boat Festival. Yes, It is a chinese traditional festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the chinese calendar. No doubt, The first thing I think of it - Zong zi. I think everyone eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival. Today I choose it as my breakfast, I know ain't good taken glutinous rice in the early morning. But I don't care, I brought it to my office and I was eating right now. Yum Yum :)

I've been missing out some nice film,
It is time to update myself I guess..

who willing accompany me movie tonight?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fucked up shit right here.

Server down, and my mood is getting down.
So I decided come here blog.
But please don't misunderstanding =)
I am down because I was like an idiot sitting here SMS-ing.
It seem like lost connecting with my friend right now!!
Don't be curious if you saw my msn keet sign in and out..
So, I pick a good choice now.
Sitting here thinking how to decorate my ROOM.
WHITE is nice but PURPLE is not bad though I guess,
Something like ANNASUI FEEL..
( I wanted buy all annasui accessorie)
or you guys can give me some idea?
Can't imagine that my room is done!!
can't wait can't wait!!

Lastly, just wanna to say.....
Happy 3 year 9 month anniversary BB.

Monday, May 25, 2009

May Baby.

I'm in half sleeping mode blogging right now, don't get enough sleep I guess. All is because outing made my beauty sleep getting lesser. What a tiring week and now back to normal. Working days were always afflict me! Just sitting here browsing around for nothing. (dad,i need some job seriously)

Happy 20th Birthday To Kelwin Ng.
Had a small celebration at GILLY TAN cafe.
Wish you once again here,
Happy 20th birthday and All the best to you :)

qin en and kelwin.

Ms bunny and me ;)

Silly dude act cute there.

Happy 23th Birthday To Titus Ting.
Last minute decision head to titus & welfred birthday celebration @ Happy cafe. Dressed up myself and waited for my boyfriend picked me up after work. we went late there is around 11pm I guess. So, once we reached there the birthday boy was cutting cake if not mistaken. LOL! Nothing much to blog about that day. (titus new hairstyle is pretty cool. hahaha!!)

five of us camwhoring before ciao.
vivi,weng,titus,my bee and me.

illness made my boy getting thin and weak.
He look emaciated.

what it mean?
chu nan? muahaha =P
Last but not least, Happy 23th birthday titus ting.
may your dream come true =)
More upcoming post.
Sing k session & Poppy night.
stay tune...

Sunday, May 17, 2009


YESTERDAY it was my first time shooting in the studio all day long. Oh gosh..I was stuck at there almost 11-12 hours. But yet, such a good experience for me. Thanks babe liza accompanied me since she promise me and daniel came visit for while! At first I am kinda worries those make up tools or foundation not suitable me it would damage my skin. That's what I worry about it. But luckily wasn't that worse as I expected :) OH WELL, I've FIVE different make up,hairstyle and even clothes. Imagine that petite me wearing bride veil. lolz~ Personally like the korean DAI CHEONG GAM want. It look kinda CHIO man. haha! I am not praising myself kay, but I just simply love it :*)

which do you feel nicer?

or this?

I'm not wearing hair extension :)

Another model with me, She's so darn tall.

Pui Ling.

Ermm...different hairstyle =)

OH mistake!!
Another 3 make up I forget to took picture.
Big Sigh*

Friday, May 15, 2009

3 Days 2 Nights Penang Trip.

Finally I am here to update my blog. Going penang with my gang for 3 days 2 nights trip. Our journey started at friday 3.30am midnight. Spend FOUR hours and FINALLY arrived penang. Everyone's dead tired so we went hotel check in and took a short nap before going out :) Night time, Dressed up ourselves headed to gurney paranoid visit ah wai & ah xiang. Then taken late dinner in penang food stalls which just nearby gurney. After dinner had some drinks at COFFEE ISLAND.

( So yeah, I am not going to post up all picture here since all picture add up it's over 1200 pcs. CRAZY MAN!! )

8 / 05 / 2009

Joshua Chow

Melvin Moh

Vincent Wu

Anthony Ooi.

Food stalls.

After yamcha went back hotel clean up everything. Mc botak's gang,wai & xiang had some beer in our room and the rest of us busy-ing poker. Bunny is smart enough, She bring along her P1 so everyone able to online in the idle time. Imagine that, lying on the snow white bed and chit-chat with your friend. For me, it's kinda enjoy tho!! keep update with my facebook although I am not in KL :)

me :)

Ah wai was promoting his beer =X



me and babe liza.

Don't get shock when you saw this. Picture as below taken before going to beach. Miao,bb,kit zai started fooling around there. ( Oh YEA, ESPECIALLY MIAO =P)
SHIT... I couldn't stop laughing. HAHAHAHA~

Dang Dang Dang Dang....

0 9 / 0 5 / 2009


Second day, last minute decision headed to TANJUNG BUNGA BEACH. So all of us didn't wear beach wear except nana.Hahaha!! I realized I could be quite relaxing and pleasant. It was my way of relaxing perhaps? It's quite enjoyable to take a stroll with your friend, camwhoring non-stop and laugh like no-body-business. Oh well, the sun was bright and it was really hot. But yet, the strong wind kept on blowing my hair. I dunno how to describe that feel. Hmmm, just feel good! Alright, we had a very fun and pleasant time.



After a beach walk, Headed back to hotel for changing and prepared everything up. Hey yeah, that night definitely is a fun night and everyone getting high :) And yes, I met my long time no see friend shann and deff.

miao moh & Alakazam wai.

My luv :)









Ah xiang damn yeng loh. muahaha =)

10 / 05 / 2009

Last day in penang, but guess what? Four of us woke up late. All of them already done and waiting us for check out. OMG! So I dressed up hurriedly since running out of time. After check out the guy suggested brought us to ate asam lasak. I wanted strongly recommended Asam Lasak which nearby KEK LOK SI it's really taste good although that place a bit messy or even look dirty. After brunch headed to queensbay, we did little shop over there :)

we can't live without starbuck.

Overall, I tried and taste many different kinds of Penang local foods :) taste good and cheap as well. I had prawn mee with reasonable price it cost rm2.50.HAHAHA!
Alright, I think i better stop here! Goodnight everyone :)