Friday, May 15, 2009

3 Days 2 Nights Penang Trip.

Finally I am here to update my blog. Going penang with my gang for 3 days 2 nights trip. Our journey started at friday 3.30am midnight. Spend FOUR hours and FINALLY arrived penang. Everyone's dead tired so we went hotel check in and took a short nap before going out :) Night time, Dressed up ourselves headed to gurney paranoid visit ah wai & ah xiang. Then taken late dinner in penang food stalls which just nearby gurney. After dinner had some drinks at COFFEE ISLAND.

( So yeah, I am not going to post up all picture here since all picture add up it's over 1200 pcs. CRAZY MAN!! )

8 / 05 / 2009

Joshua Chow

Melvin Moh

Vincent Wu

Anthony Ooi.

Food stalls.

After yamcha went back hotel clean up everything. Mc botak's gang,wai & xiang had some beer in our room and the rest of us busy-ing poker. Bunny is smart enough, She bring along her P1 so everyone able to online in the idle time. Imagine that, lying on the snow white bed and chit-chat with your friend. For me, it's kinda enjoy tho!! keep update with my facebook although I am not in KL :)

me :)

Ah wai was promoting his beer =X



me and babe liza.

Don't get shock when you saw this. Picture as below taken before going to beach. Miao,bb,kit zai started fooling around there. ( Oh YEA, ESPECIALLY MIAO =P)
SHIT... I couldn't stop laughing. HAHAHAHA~

Dang Dang Dang Dang....

0 9 / 0 5 / 2009


Second day, last minute decision headed to TANJUNG BUNGA BEACH. So all of us didn't wear beach wear except nana.Hahaha!! I realized I could be quite relaxing and pleasant. It was my way of relaxing perhaps? It's quite enjoyable to take a stroll with your friend, camwhoring non-stop and laugh like no-body-business. Oh well, the sun was bright and it was really hot. But yet, the strong wind kept on blowing my hair. I dunno how to describe that feel. Hmmm, just feel good! Alright, we had a very fun and pleasant time.



After a beach walk, Headed back to hotel for changing and prepared everything up. Hey yeah, that night definitely is a fun night and everyone getting high :) And yes, I met my long time no see friend shann and deff.

miao moh & Alakazam wai.

My luv :)









Ah xiang damn yeng loh. muahaha =)

10 / 05 / 2009

Last day in penang, but guess what? Four of us woke up late. All of them already done and waiting us for check out. OMG! So I dressed up hurriedly since running out of time. After check out the guy suggested brought us to ate asam lasak. I wanted strongly recommended Asam Lasak which nearby KEK LOK SI it's really taste good although that place a bit messy or even look dirty. After brunch headed to queensbay, we did little shop over there :)

we can't live without starbuck.

Overall, I tried and taste many different kinds of Penang local foods :) taste good and cheap as well. I had prawn mee with reasonable price it cost rm2.50.HAHAHA!
Alright, I think i better stop here! Goodnight everyone :)

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