Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fucked up shit right here.

Server down, and my mood is getting down.
So I decided come here blog.
But please don't misunderstanding =)
I am down because I was like an idiot sitting here SMS-ing.
It seem like lost connecting with my friend right now!!
Don't be curious if you saw my msn keet sign in and out..
So, I pick a good choice now.
Sitting here thinking how to decorate my ROOM.
WHITE is nice but PURPLE is not bad though I guess,
Something like ANNASUI FEEL..
( I wanted buy all annasui accessorie)
or you guys can give me some idea?
Can't imagine that my room is done!!
can't wait can't wait!!

Lastly, just wanna to say.....
Happy 3 year 9 month anniversary BB.

1 comment:

  1. haha...u 2's love can last longer de^^
    blissful ya
    can i hav ur msn?