Saturday, May 02, 2009

Holiday Mode.

The latest movie I have been caught @ THE SNIPER which movie I craving for so long. Haha! For me, It's definitely nice. Due to the Edison Chen scandal photos, His new movie 'The Sniper' has finally been released after a lengthy delay :)

Edison Chen.

I've no comment about this flim, But I get shocked seriously :(

Labour Day,

FINALLY, I got time to rest in these 3 days.
Since yesterday is public holiday, The girl decided go out hunting some nice outfit ;) Headed to pavilion around 5pm inch. Then, taken brunch at Dragon-I. After that, get our ass up walked around there grabbed some nice outfit since I blaming my wardrobe currently don't have any nice clothes. We shop GG at FOREVER 21! After shop walked to downstair @ oldtown have a drinks before leaving.

Law Na Na & Me.

The couple kit zai & liza.

Mad the photographer!


Liza enjoying her nasi lemak.

Alright, never seen my silly pic before? Funniest picture as below =)

They asked me to do this FACE :( PIG?

HAHAHA, Nana you made me couldn't stop laughing!

Misson failed. Look kinda innocent here. lolz~

Five of us before ciao.

Wow, Can't wait! Can't wait!

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