Monday, May 25, 2009

May Baby.

I'm in half sleeping mode blogging right now, don't get enough sleep I guess. All is because outing made my beauty sleep getting lesser. What a tiring week and now back to normal. Working days were always afflict me! Just sitting here browsing around for nothing. (dad,i need some job seriously)

Happy 20th Birthday To Kelwin Ng.
Had a small celebration at GILLY TAN cafe.
Wish you once again here,
Happy 20th birthday and All the best to you :)

qin en and kelwin.

Ms bunny and me ;)

Silly dude act cute there.

Happy 23th Birthday To Titus Ting.
Last minute decision head to titus & welfred birthday celebration @ Happy cafe. Dressed up myself and waited for my boyfriend picked me up after work. we went late there is around 11pm I guess. So, once we reached there the birthday boy was cutting cake if not mistaken. LOL! Nothing much to blog about that day. (titus new hairstyle is pretty cool. hahaha!!)

five of us camwhoring before ciao.
vivi,weng,titus,my bee and me.

illness made my boy getting thin and weak.
He look emaciated.

what it mean?
chu nan? muahaha =P
Last but not least, Happy 23th birthday titus ting.
may your dream come true =)
More upcoming post.
Sing k session & Poppy night.
stay tune...

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