Sunday, May 17, 2009


YESTERDAY it was my first time shooting in the studio all day long. Oh gosh..I was stuck at there almost 11-12 hours. But yet, such a good experience for me. Thanks babe liza accompanied me since she promise me and daniel came visit for while! At first I am kinda worries those make up tools or foundation not suitable me it would damage my skin. That's what I worry about it. But luckily wasn't that worse as I expected :) OH WELL, I've FIVE different make up,hairstyle and even clothes. Imagine that petite me wearing bride veil. lolz~ Personally like the korean DAI CHEONG GAM want. It look kinda CHIO man. haha! I am not praising myself kay, but I just simply love it :*)

which do you feel nicer?

or this?

I'm not wearing hair extension :)

Another model with me, She's so darn tall.

Pui Ling.

Ermm...different hairstyle =)

OH mistake!!
Another 3 make up I forget to took picture.
Big Sigh*


  1. I found your blog through blog search.
    Cool blog!
    You are so young, pretty and energetic.
    I also love your beautiful Korean DAI CHEONG GAM look! Elegant and glittering are the words....
    Good luck to you modeling assignments and your future undertaking!

  2. u got luck jo, ur bf is diamond king son... wish u happy 4ever