Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am always satisfied with the best.

Firstly, wanna shout out loud Happy 18th birthday to my sista! She is legally eighteen now. We had a mini celebration at HAPPY SESSION CAFE. Never mention her before in my blog right? So here I am to introduce you guys. Basically, we don't even look alike. As I remembered when I hang out with her most of the people misunderstanding she is my friend more than sisters. LOL! But yet, different looks wasn't that bad what =)

Happy 18th Birthday To My Sista!

The birthday cake from boyfriend :)

Saturday, since everyone don't want to club so we decided headed up to genting highland although went there just a have walk and drinks or even supper. Usually after the guys knock off will come over my place clean up so I have to wait for them. That night weather is freezing cold, Wearing a long sleeve tops is not enough to us. Reached there around 2am then we found some place sat down and chill. Yes, Mcd is the best choice ever. I wonder why? After that, walked around there and camwhoring with the guy :)

In the car..

Nanako join in.

oops can't see babe chuckei and maddy. Sigh*

Bunny Bunny.

supposed to be 14 people but where is panda?

The couple liza and kit zai.

Serious one :)

Huan kena bully, half face left...

kit zai join in, where is huan?
Left his leg only. hahaha =P

my sweet heart!

When I was camwhoring myself, The guy come and kacau! ish..
What kind of face. hahaha!



huan and daniel again, swt!

Dan lim aka pork pork.

Maddy and Bunny.

Babe Liza ♥


Babe Chuckei ♥

He kept ask me edit nice for him! so leng zai liao loh okay=)

Predator miao..

he surely will kill me when he read my blog. but I dont care!

  • Huan - Aqua wooven
  • Bee - Vans
  • Miao - Vans
  • Daniel - Nikex fragment x 四川加油

Never ending love.

The guy.

Something spoil my mood when we were walking to the car park.
So what to do now? Pay money and fix it la..

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  1. dats pinky rite? lol..i din knw she got a sister! pinky is my fren!