Thursday, June 25, 2009

Juice Opening Ceremony.

As I know everyone is so damn excited because of edison chen. *evil grin* Plus, all of us dont get enough sleep because of him. Pity those people who queue up at midnight and lingered away the whole night at boutique outside. (included the boyfriend and the gang) Crazy isn't it? It was my very first time see him. OMG! His smile could be killing me.LOL! Friday night off to poppy garden since penang kia is in the town now. Kinda weird club at friday cause that night wasn't that packed. Before that, maddy and I went jim dong hk restaurant waited for penang kia and we having dinner over there. After party headed to bangsar look over. The guy discussing at outside and the girl went Mcd for supper.


Edc's fenom fragment jeans x comme de garcons converse shoes.

C stand for CLOT.

Edc's Father,

Edc's Mother,
Don't even look like a mama, but she is :)
Edc's Sister. She is sizzling hot.
He say hi to everyone.
like what babe kei said, he look great in every single angle.

Ivan your hair damn chiu bao.

we match up with the guy, street wear =)
I love my limited edition kikstyo tee.

He lum dou yeh loh.

Juice Opening @ Bangsar Village.
Next day, woke up at 9.30am to get ready. Imagine that we slept at 6.00am in the early morning and woke up at 9.30am. *wtf* It is worth maybe? Once we reached there, the crowd and reporter was stuck in front the boutique. *People Mountain People Sea* So the guy decided went mcd took our brunch first. I was like " Hmm, MCD AGAIN? " Well, I promised myself no MCD again! That day weather is freaking HOT, Everyone is sweating. I couldn't forget the moment when edison came out from the shop say HI to everyone. You can heard everyone screaming and yelling there for him. ( Clot,edison or something else about him) Helen and I syok sendiri there but then I dunno why. hahaha! After that, The guy gotta waited until 5pm to get the limited cap and the girl decided went boutique grab some nice outfit for party. But the sun seem like burning us so we don't have mood to walked anymore. We made a good decision @ La bodega to take a break. It's quite relaxing though have a fresh juice under air-conditioning ;) Alright, around 5pm plus all went my place took a short nap and prepare for second round.


I was so excited because sam lee spinning that night. Reached there around 11pm. We stood at the nearest place look at him. Actually camera not allowed but who cares? We still managed to snap him when he pass by us. Seriously we had a blast last saturday. what A awesome night :) ( babe jacklyn, thanks for arranging)

Kevin Poon, Sam Lee

Fuiyo, look like brother.
hyper high*

Sam Lee aka DJ Becareful.

Playing his blackberry bold.

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