Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We had fun and loads of laughter.

Last Friday, sudden craving for spaghetti when I was working. So I decided asked my girl come out accompanied me dinner at pavilion. Another reason is, due to the skin care problem. Nowadays my forehead grew up a lots pimples. Just blaming myself using my mom skin care which doesn't suit me. hey bro, Stop laughing me please!! So I purposely went out buy skin care. Alright, we taken dinner at Carlos Mexican Canteena and we had little conversation over there. I love their pasta a lots ;) Especially creamy pasta!!

Saturday meet up chuckei and toto. ( Thanks your little ride daniel lim, our best driver ever. hahaha ) Taken lunch at kimgary and then went clashcut for manicure. Daphne came to join us afterward. we just walked around there and waited for momo. Momo kept telling us he wanted find his TRUE LOVE. FUNNY SHIT!! Hmmp, He even search from google. But the most interesting part was here!! He purposely went poppy find his true love but mission failed. The ending is, you know i know lah :) ok lah, Stop crapping here.
well, headed to poppy garden as usual. That day is freaking HOT. Everyone's sweating but still we had fun over there.

Gorgeous Chuckei.
Skinny Daphne.

Three of us before going out.
Two ruddiness face...lolz
BeeBee <3
Sweetie vivi.
Poodle titus...
Dan lim aka pork pork.
Daniel, toto , me :)

my party partner ever..

Lovely valerie.

Didn't manage to take picture with babe liz :(
There is only 6 of us..

Alakazam zam zam zam..


NO true love, so...
kissing with guys lah...

That's all for now..

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  1. How come I feel so young and excited everytime I look at these pictures? (except for the last one that makes me wanna puke)