Thursday, June 11, 2009

William & Weng Birthday Bash.

Upload tons of picture and I realized I don't have take much picture on that night. Sigh* Every saturday went the same place but wearing different clothes. Did you notice about it? But since it's william birthday so all of us bei min loh okay! We've ordered a KAWS cake for him. Hope you like it =) Not to forget, Happy 24th birthday william kong.

Nice isn't it?

Huanboyboy kacau again!


Law na na

Helmet,Daniel,Myself and chuckei.
mr joshua chow ah bee :)

Bump into BELL =)

The couple with me.

Decided not to post up all here,
But end up....
Pity Boy..
More picture will be upload at FB..
What the hell yea?
Funny shit!
Lastly, the champion =)
Yes, mr joshua chow ko-ed again,

After Party,
Alakazam zam zam aka momo.
He going back to his town after this.
Aww, my babe valerie..
Heart them gao gao;)
" Hey babe chuckei, make sure next time no third party join in.
Hard to get couple pic with you "

That night felix gone insane, He's so damn cracked. CRAZY MAN! He randomly catched people kissing with him. (feel like vomiting when uploaded these photo) After party, heading to SRI PETALING HOTEL for Weng birthday celebration. We reached there around 4am, Most of the people ciao already. As usual, All the guy were forced to drink. Valerie and I having a great time listening funny jokes and tests by mr ernest. The best way to killing time I guess :)
Happy 21st Birthday Weng Siu!

Pretended drunk only la..lolz =P

Ernest chow.

He said: " brother is it? then come drink lah"

Slutty Sixth Sense @ Barclub KL

While taken my brunch, Lai asked us to go barclub for streetwear party. Since we have no plan on that night. so why not? That night is quite happening, Imagine that CAT dancing at the dance floor..hahaha =P

so called leng zai pic!!

with juwei.

Valerie, Helen and me!

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