Monday, July 27, 2009

Dragon Blaze Tattoo,Malaysia.

I think my last saturday totally different like pass few weeks. My very first time wander with vivi and dan lim from noon until night. After work went connaught MCD with casey,vivi,liza,daniel and choon weng come to join us afterward. Then, accompanied vivi to HNS took her high heels which she ordered earlier and I get myself one pair as well. After chuckei knock off, headed back to pandan indah for dinner. (Thanks dan lim, our full time driver =P)

Night time, Supposed to tag along the boyfriend went bintang palace since it is BB sister birthday celebration but end up was staying at home msn with lai and nick.
( Babe kei and vivi, Too bad I couldn't make it..)*Big sigh*

Sunday, BB woke me up at 3am, headed to sg wang visit ivan right after. We browsing around some website at ivan shop since we got nothing to do at there. While browsing BB told me he wanted make a kaws on his leg. At first I thought he was joking around with me, but It's NOT Just joking around okay!!

The process,


After 15 minute, Finally done the outline.
Now waiting ivan put colour on it, should be nice i think!
Thinking to own myself a small tattoo =)
Hmmmmm, kaws sperm?

Oh well, Here is some works by village idiot,
Miao's tattoo.

Vincent's tattoo.

Nick's tattoo.

Check it out ,
and join this,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Being With Me All The Time.

Last saturday I decided not going club actually but then chuckei asked me must go because the ladies daphne is going. Plus, I dunno which guy came back from china. There's no reason to run away again. So prepared up headed to HNS met the girl up. We reached about 1am inch..Oh Ya, our style okay!! That night is pretty fun, enjoy the music,dance with the girl, singing and camwhoring with them.


She told me she miss club a lots!!
yes, babe vivi is back.

Daphne in the house.
I remembered when reached HNS.
She kept calling me "MEI MEI"

My girl.

BB :)

Babe miao with his new glasses =)
Baby Jane,
Lena join in..

After few cup of chivas? lol

Babe bunny :)

Chuckei was showing gestured while we taken picture :)

Bunny,myself,vivi,kei,lena & daphne.
Choon weng said : parked jockey still kena saman *wtf*!! Beside that, he manage to take picture with me and the pork ball is behind. He taught us quite a lots those funny shit language.
Before ciao he said " 唔好忘記下個星期既古靈精怪星期六".
MUAHAHA!! I just can't stop laughing...
Before ended up my post, not to forget, Happy 3 year and 11 month anniversay BB. Thanks for being with me all the time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Glowing In Our Minds.

Small gathering with my secondary schoolmate and my darling.
After graduation, we had our own life, busy our own stuff. It's hard meet up sometime, but I'll never forget all of you :) never and ever...

my sister and me..don't even look alike isn't it?
Just put some light make up, ignore my ugly face! hahaha =P

Thursday, candle light dinner with my BB at THE SHIP.
You're just so sweet, I'll treasure very single moment with you.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Vincent,BB,Daniel,Miao,Chuckei,Myself & Valerie.
Nah...we had fun over there :)
Wonder this picture taken at where?
Wonder what I have been doing there?
Hey peeps, stay tune..
Moreover, This is my very first time enjoy dim sum with my gang in the early morning. It's a bit hard get up before the sun risen, Obviously we're night owl. good no good! Nowaday I try to sleep before A.M =)

Chuckei come over my place after breakfast.
After 2 hour, we feel hungry again! *wtf* I comfort her and also myself since we do not have much chance hang out at noon and eating those high calorie food. So lets forget about it. JUST EAT! HAHAHA =P Ended up was sitting at DOME chill and we had ordered chicken and mushroom pie. Overall taste good, especially the pie :)

OH YEAH!! Finally I get my E71.
BB and I using same gadget now. hehehe :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another day of little hope.


The one and the only pampered me the most and giving me everything in this world. Sometime I just dunno how to express my gratitude. But still, I love you daddy.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Good News!! Good News!! Thanks God, My camera is fixed....*woohoo* I have been waiting so long. Now I realized hang out without camera is so meaningless. Its true okay :) Don't have much picture taken, I just went to same place with same people. Will post up all picture once I get from babe vivi.

Maddy and Me,
Cutie vivi.

babes and myself.

babe went pg find her mcb ady, Remember do take care yourself ya..

Caught movie with my gang on wednesday night. Movie start at 12.45am till 3.15am if I am not mistaken. Now transformers become one of my favorite movie list. To be honest, I don't really mind to watch again :)

Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen

What I know is megan fox is HOT!
But too bad ivan told me megan fox is a man..*wtf*

I answer him like " So lame, Are you kidding? "
I wonder just a rumour or what?

more information click here!!