Monday, July 13, 2009


Vincent,BB,Daniel,Miao,Chuckei,Myself & Valerie.
Nah...we had fun over there :)
Wonder this picture taken at where?
Wonder what I have been doing there?
Hey peeps, stay tune..
Moreover, This is my very first time enjoy dim sum with my gang in the early morning. It's a bit hard get up before the sun risen, Obviously we're night owl. good no good! Nowaday I try to sleep before A.M =)

Chuckei come over my place after breakfast.
After 2 hour, we feel hungry again! *wtf* I comfort her and also myself since we do not have much chance hang out at noon and eating those high calorie food. So lets forget about it. JUST EAT! HAHAHA =P Ended up was sitting at DOME chill and we had ordered chicken and mushroom pie. Overall taste good, especially the pie :)

OH YEAH!! Finally I get my E71.
BB and I using same gadget now. hehehe :)

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