Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Being With Me All The Time.

Last saturday I decided not going club actually but then chuckei asked me must go because the ladies daphne is going. Plus, I dunno which guy came back from china. There's no reason to run away again. So prepared up headed to HNS met the girl up. We reached about 1am inch..Oh Ya, our style okay!! That night is pretty fun, enjoy the music,dance with the girl, singing and camwhoring with them.


She told me she miss club a lots!!
yes, babe vivi is back.

Daphne in the house.
I remembered when reached HNS.
She kept calling me "MEI MEI"

My girl.

BB :)

Babe miao with his new glasses =)
Baby Jane,
Lena join in..

After few cup of chivas? lol

Babe bunny :)

Chuckei was showing gestured while we taken picture :)

Bunny,myself,vivi,kei,lena & daphne.
Choon weng said : parked jockey still kena saman *wtf*!! Beside that, he manage to take picture with me and the pork ball is behind. He taught us quite a lots those funny shit language.
Before ciao he said " 唔好忘記下個星期既古靈精怪星期六".
MUAHAHA!! I just can't stop laughing...
Before ended up my post, not to forget, Happy 3 year and 11 month anniversay BB. Thanks for being with me all the time.

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