Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jacklyn Sweet Eighteen.

Saturday night, BABE JACKLYN birthday dinner at T.G.I FRIDAY. It's a real good time chilling with the girl :) Too bad some of the babes can't make it :( Before that, prepared at chuckei's place since I dont want to go home. No matter where you go, the roads are jammed with car. So the girl decided sit train instead. It took only 20 minutes to reach destination :) Babes,We did the best choice !!

I had a bad hair day seriously,
Thanks babe chuckei for the hairdo.

I just simply love it.

Jac's 18th Birthday Dinner@Pavilion T.G.I.F

My sweetie and Me :)

Love them =)

Clam Chowder ( My favorite )

My yummy pasta...

Our cutie pie.

Kiss from the couple =)

group picture..

After dinner all come over my place chill.
We didn't club, no alcohol, no beer on that night.

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