Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nanako Legal 18th Birthday Party.

Seem like everyone rushing me to update. So I think it's time to update my post now. So well, I've no idea where to start from. But this post I gonna make it short due to the laziness. Forgive me people, at least I did some update right :)

Nanako birthday celebration @ Federal Hotel
When we reached there, the boyfriend is prepared well in everything. ( food,alcohol,cake and etc ) Although it was just a short gathering with the girls, But we had good time indeed. The guys went off to poppy right after, I didn't tagged along the guy because I'm not in mood to club. So the room only left myself,bunny,vivi,nana,huan,maddy and ivan. We had little conversation over there which really laughed my ass off. The Best stories ever!! HAHAHA..thanks to mr ivan, he bought us cheezy wedges and some delicious chicken wing :) Well, Enough of crapping. Let the picture do the talking yea....

camwhore at my place.

Fall in love with maddy's snipper.

vivi soong, law na na and myself!

Birthday girl and me.
with my BB.

Leng Leng and Huan.

Happy Birthday To You My Dear :)
You're legally 18 now..

Lastly, groupy picture with my babes :)
some picture wasn't with me now. I promise I'll post up later...

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