Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Short Langkawi Trip.

Tau kei 20th Birthday @ Pavilion Redbox Plus.

Should be post on last month,
Heading to pavilion for tau kei's birthday celebration.

Pulau Langkawi,
Been out of here during raya, Just a two days one night trip for relax a bit. Packing up my stuff after BBQ at chuckei's place. After 5 hours finally arrived destination. Firstly, went hotel check in, then took a short nap before going out. Damn tiring!! Didn't feel like crapping too much here so I just randomly upload some picture share with you guys =)


Underwater World.
BB and I.
Just simply love his tattoo.

While waiting,

We took quite a lot picture but then maddy just upload few. LOL!
Goodbye Langkawi :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Which do you prefer?

I've been quite lazy to blog lately, Just a random post since I got nothing to do in office. Hehehe! Last saturday, Move on to chuckei's place for her 17th Birthday party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE CHUCKEI :) Babe, Do you remembered we know each other thru friendster when I was 15 year old. Time passed so fast seriously, like extremely fast okay! You know right, I love you deep down in my heart. hahaha! Anyway, all the best in your exam sweetie:)
After BBQ session maddy and I get into her bedroom, did you notice leng leng look different here =) I am wearing chuckei's leather jacket.
Madeline Ming the photographer

Madeline and LengLeng.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Helenness's 21st Birthday Bash

I was rushing all the way for helen's 21st V dinner and I get my white dress very last minute seriously, Thanks for Cherrie and Evangeline come over pick me up and also my part time shopping partner daniel lim. Many thanks to you guys :) Well, Dinner held at Tamarind Springs @ Ampang and started at 7pm. As below you can see the environment is awesome, Imagine that you having dinner in forest :) How great is that!

Tamarind Springs @ Ampang
Cherrie, Evangeline, Helenness, LengLeng.

All in white =)

The queen of the day!

V Day.

Ian Ang

My uncle joshua chow. lol

Birthday girl and myself.

Evangeline,Cherrie,Myself and Helenness :)
Party people...
The birthday girl pulled me up and dance in front of them.
Thanks isabella for accompany me.lol!
Juwei,Maddy and LengLeng.
Look at her, omg so cute =P

Dear, Big girl dont cry yea! Try to be strong like me? hehehe..I love your smile, show me your sweet smiling okay? I'll support you no matter how, we love you =) And last, Good luck in your exam.
The ladiess!
Taizi and keng sing.
Too bad some of my babes can't make it, I want party with ya'll.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Away For My Holiday Trip.

I have been away in these few days for my holiday trip.HEHE! Before V post, I gonna update a little bit about my night life. As usual, went poppy with my gang on friday night. Nothing special tho but I did enjoyed every single moment with bunch of them.

Babe vivi and me.

My beloved.

What you trying to do?

Changing new colour soon or maybe hair cut =)

Mr roy tan and me.

Tom Ng

BB and the pork ball.
The guys.

Act cute!!!

I will update more later :)
Have a nice day peeps!!