Friday, October 30, 2009

Jalan Raja Chulan @ Rakuzen

Firstly, Happy birthday to all october baby. I've realized most of my recent post all is about celebration. HAHA! Moreover, a lot of birthday's coming up. *stay tuned peeps* On wednesday, heading to jalan raja chulan @ rakuzen about 8.30pm for our cutie pie vivi's birthday dinner. Ooops.....babe, you're legally 18th now =) all the best to you kay! Alright, Dinner was awesome. Most important is, I met all my long time no see babes <3


The ladies of that day, maddy,myself,liza,vivi and valerie.
babe chuckei can't make it because spm just around the corner, so her mom not allowed her to join us. And babe nana, she's going back to indonesia visit her mom! omg, i miss you guys damn a lots kayy..
Last but not least, Happy birthday to babe vivi and my dearest mummy<3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haoren's 21st Birthday @ Klang

Planning to go out with my babes on last saturday. I was rushing like mad because of my best best buddies Doreamon lim. But still, thanks for fetching me all the way. hehehe! and so so so sorry I dumped you alone and go with my girls. As usual,winnie picked all the babes up then off to THE GARDEN @ ZANMAI for brunch. To be honest, I rarely go out with the girls but then we got uncountable topic. *not bad not bad* Girls, we must do it often =) After brunch winnie decided have a drinks and chill at SRI PETALING @ SWEET BEAN.

Picture of that day,

Sushi Zanmai with my girlss <3

At Jacklyn's place.

Haoren's Place @ Klang.
Night time, my girls dragged me to klang since my boyfriend text-ed me earlier and told me that he's going to his friend wedding dinner. so why not ;)

Babe jacklyn.


The camwhored queen. lol

my babes and birthday boy.

Group picture.

baby winnie.

babes helenness.
It's about 4.30am, I'm still sms-ed with my awakening boyfriend. He told me that he couldn't sleep well because of me. Oh gosh, how sweet is that? I even feel a little guilty :(

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Huan's 19th Birthday Celebration.

Huan's birthday celebration held at Kuchai Lama Luck Kee Steamboat. What an awesome night gathering with my babes and bros. I heart ya'll <3

Cheese tart from nana's friends.

Birthday cake from bee and daniel.
Happy birthday bro!!

B stand for Bee.
Wonderful dinner.
My girls <3
My babes! =)
BB <3
Babe Bunny.

這篇文章特別寫給你, 因為本人我覺得你還是比較喜歡中文.
有沒有一點點的驚喜? 哈.....
認識你大概有四年多了吧,說長不長,說短不短! 不知不覺我們也慢慢的長大了.
可是比起以前我倒是覺得你成熟了很多, 還真的蠻多的! 真替你高興.
現在有了娜娜小姐的陪伴, 要好好珍惜她喔!
有沒有覺得自己很幸福? 因為你有了"我們"


Last but not least, Happy birthday to you!!
As my pervious post, we'll be friend forever =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friends Forever's MV Shoot.

I've been quite busy lately, too many things to handle and I got no extra time to update blog. If you were close to me, I think you would know I used to update my blog during working hours. But today someone remind to me update this post. I recall that day I purposely skipped work for this mv shoot. hahaha! It's really good experience for me and we had fun over there. Hey readers, trust me! This song could bring you back to your school life =)

Picture were taken on july.


We will be friends forever, Be there forever!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fukuharu @ Jalan Ampang.

Last wednesday, I had a real great night with nice people and nice environment. No doubt, I did enjoyed the entire night with my old schoolmate. Iki recommend this place which located at jalan ampang. When I step into this place, My first reaction is " Oh gosh....such a nice ambiance." Imagine you sat at a transparent room, drinking a cup of cocktail and gossip with your girls. *sound a bit silly, but fun* And your room got at least two mixer are standby for you, You can make an order whenever you like. Plus, This so called private room only have one. see your luck people :)

Camwhore little bit while waiting my friends.

Emily Lee, Hoe Ing, LengLeng.

Bowie and I.

My sister and I.

My old schoolmate.


so called special menu. hahaha!

Overall was great, I thought that our conversations will be getting lesser but it's not. I miss my school life, Miss the classmate.